Arts Festival for Children

This children’s art festival Hippalot has grown into a veritable cornucopia of drama, workshops, exhibitions, dance, music, films and circus. The festival has a yearly changing theme which is noticeable in the whole program.

The festival has offered unforgettable moments for children and their families since 1978. Festival takes place in ARX Arts Centre and Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Centre, both situated in the heart of Hämeenlinna.

If you have any questions considering our festival, do not hesitate to ask! Our English-speaking staff is more than happy to help you.


Before the festival:

A Ticket company,

During the Festival:
Ticket outlet in Hämeenlinna: Verkatehdas Arts and Congress Centre, Paasikiventie 2.
Tickets are also available at the venues (if not sold out). The ticket sales ends at an hour before the event.

NOTE: movie tickets are sold only at Bio Rex, which is located in Verkatehdas.


For accommodation there are several hotels in the city center.

Program in 2024

AEIOU: Vedet (Waters)

“Vedet” is a multisensory performance exploring children’s thoughts on water in its many forms: rain, ice, seas, swimming, showers, beverages, pasta cooking water, and little drips. The show combines live music, puppetry, and circus, creating an immersive experience that surrounds and envelops the audience. Performed without words, it features Katja Kähkönen, Simon Llewellyn, and Sanette Sevon, who bring the wonders of water to life in a captivating and imaginative way.


Nukketeatteri Sampo: Leonardon lentävät apinat (Leonardo’s Flying Monkeys)

Have you ever dreamed of learning to fly? The inventive genius Leonardo da Vinci designed many fascinating and peculiar contraptions, including flying machines. In the inventor’s workshop, anything is possible, and things are not always what they seem. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, this wordless performance is magical and draws from the tradition of variety marionettes. Featuring Susan Aho and Iivo Barić, the show brings to life the wonder and imagination of Leonardo’s creations.


Ursa: Kiertävä planetaario (Circulating Planetarium)

At the Ursa Planetarium, we explore the night sky in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Together, we learn to identify constellations that can be seen with the naked eye, without the need for a telescope. The show also provides space for the audience to ask their own questions.


Teatteri Ilmi Ö: Metsämosaiikki (Forest Mosaic)

Forest Mosaic is a multi-sensory theater performance for babies, where the space gradually transforms into an enchanting forest through live music, movement, and beautiful nature images. How is the landscape painted? What stories do stones have to tell? Where does play lead? Come with your baby to create your first shared theater experiences.


Hands some Feet x Opus Company: Colorsphere

The main performance at Hippalot is a contemporary circus show designed for children and their adults. It combines juggling, acrobatics, physical theater, and cleverly used technology. The extraordinary and exciting world of Colorsphere is created with various sizes of white balls.

The performance follows explorers who encounter lively and sometimes downright stubborn creatures that continuously produce new balls in their environment. Amid their playful adventures, the world of Colorsphere is thrown into confusion when, for the first time, a ball appears that isn’t white but colorful.

On stage, you will see circus artists Liisa Nuuk, Jeromy Nuuk, Adam Opus, and Kerttu Opus.



This children’s art festival Hippalot has lots of different workshops. Feel free to come try them out, learn something new and make special art. Workshop mentors are happy to help.