Arts Festival for Children

This children’s art festival Hippalot has grown into a veritable cornucopia of drama, workshops, exhibitions, dance, music, films and circus. The festival has a yearly changing theme which is noticeable in the whole program.

The festival has offered unforgettable moments for children and their families since 1978. Festival takes place in ARX Arts Centre and Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Centre, both situated in the heart of Hämeenlinna.

If you have any questions considering our festival, do not hesitate to ask! Our English-speaking staff is more than happy to help you.


Before the festival:

A Ticketmaster company,
Tel: +358 (0)600 10800 (1,98 €/min + additional costs).

During the Festival:
Ticketmaster outlet in Hämeenlinna: Verkatehdas Arts and Congress Centre, Paasikiventie 2.
Tickets are also available at the venues (if not sold out). The ticket sales ends at an hour before the event.

NOTE: movie tickets are sold only at Bio Rex, which is located in Verkatehdas.


For accommodation there are several hotels in the city center.

Program in 2023

Madam Bach: Grow

Grow is a visual and interactive theater experience that celebrates the wondering and noticing of everything around us that grows and changes. Through rich imagery, short stories and captivating soundscapes we embark on a journey into growing up, growing old, growing out of our shoes; stretching out, reaching in, going back to the roots.

Grow’s stories have been translated to Finnish.


Loiskis ja kimallus! (Splash and shine!)

Playful and cosy puppet theater show wonders the meaning of nature behind growing up and building identity in human life. It is a praise to an imagination and local nature. Theater show and exhibition are based from a picture book called Ystävä joella (A Friend by the river) by Reetta Niemelä and Karoliina Pertamo.

The puppet theater show is presented in Finnish.


Tehdas Teatteri: Siiran sirkusmatka (Tehdas Teatteri: Siira’s circus journey)

Siira’s circus journey is a puppet theater show of shy Siira who finds out that theater is coming to Bug town. Puppet theater artist created visually interesting and surprising miniature word, Bug town. It’s full of buzzing, chirping and all kinds of bug life.

The puppet theater show is presented in Finnish.


Blind Gut Company: Meritähdenlento (Blind Gut Company: Twinkle, twinkle little starfish)

Twinkle, twinkle little starfish is a softly whirling circus journey from the ocean floor towards the surface. In the underwater world the audience encounters playful fish, mystical jellyfish, colourful corals and other sea creatures. The babies get to enjoy the embrace of the sea while watching, listening and exploring in a safe environment.


Musiikkisirkus Avain hukassa (Music circus Lost key)

Music circus Lost key show is looking for a key, visits different homes and meets neighbours. Every home is different – looking and sounding like its owners. The show contains music and contemporary circus.


Hämeenlinnan Miniteatteri: Ella ja presidentti (Hämeenlinna’s mini theater: Ella and the president)

The show is full of comical scenes and the viewers get to participate in the show. The main themes are friendship and acceptance.

The show is presented in Finnish.


Ruma ankanpoikanen -musiikkiesitys (Ugly duckling -musical performance)

Ugly duckling premieres at the Art Museum. It’s composed by Kassu Halonen and lyrics are by Vexi Salmi.


This children’s art festival Hippalot has lots of different workshops. Feel free to come try them out, learn something new and make special art. Workshop mentors are happy to help.